Technology is fast becoming invaluable, because of its power to accomplish tasks, make us comfortable and entertain us. ETC helps
harness the power of automation and control, over an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices, for greater convenience and efficiency.
As the cost of energy escalates, its impact on the profitability and sustainability of any organization or individual is magnified. We use and
integrate LEED compliant solutions to monitor, optimize and reduce energy utilization in buildings.

Lighting plays an important role in defining how we feel at a particular place. It can make a person feel energetic, comfortable and spend
more time at a place. Lighting can benefit from a coordinated control system for a number of reasons.


• Designers may use control as a means of ensuring their design intent for a given space is preserved.
• Security personnel may opt to use lighting control as a visual indicator of occupancy or to change lights in an emergency situation
• Lighting Control provides a means of giving workers input into their environment. Visual requirements for a work force containing
aging as well as younger workers are considered as well as the ability to adapt to a variety of tasks.
• Greater integration can ultimately lead to a more efficient and healthier building, thereby enhancing the experience of the
environment for more people.
• Energy use codes have become more stringent. Lighting Control systems have become a recognized means of reducing electrical consumption.