Automated entrance solutions have become extremely common. They can be found in apartment complexes, offices, corporate houses, banks, educational institutions and many more places. Motion detectors or optical sensors are installed on the door to allow door opening and closing. ETCIPL is a trusted name in the security and surveillance space. Our experts help to install all types of automated entrance solutions, depending upon your requirement.

How Do Automated Entrance Solutions Work?

Automated Entrance Solutions operate with the help of sensors. The sensors are capable of sensing motion, weight, sound or light. The sensors are generally located on the sides of the door or in the form of pressure sensors at the foot of a door. These are easy to operate and are extremely useful for supermarkets, hotels, airports, lounges or apartment complexes, where a large number of people enter and exit throughout the day.
It is difficult to manually open and close doors in places where a lot of people come in and go out. Depending on the requirement, revolving or sliding doors are installed. Tripod turnstiles and boom barriers are also installed in places where you want to monitor unrestricted movement. The automated entrance solution also helps to keep track of the number of people entering and exiting a building. In cases of emergency, they can be effectively controlled to evacuate or shut down a building.

ETCIPL Benefit

Opt for ETCIPL’s world-class service and enjoy its multiple benefits. We are a premier security and surveillance service provider and offer the best automated entrance solutions to multiple clients. We provide customized services to meet your requirement. Get in touch with our experts to devise the perfect solution for your premises.