Gone are the days when building management was the sole responsibility of a few people. With the advent of technology, cutting edge Building Management Systems (BMS) are being installed in homes and offices. Also referred to as Building Automation Systems (BAS), these consist of sensors that monitor all maintenance systems. ETCIPL designs some of the finest Building Management Systems in India and we are ready to install custom-built systems for your premises.



How do Building Management Systems Work?

Hardware and software systems are installed in different parts of the building. The sensors are responsible for tracking data and sending it to a central server. If pre-defined conditions are not met or if a system is faulty, alarms are set off. The particular function is immediately brought to the attention of concerned authorities who can take prompt action to resolve the issue.

Which Services Can Be Integrated with BMS?

BMS can track and record the activities of a wide range of services ranging from lighting control, electric supply, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation to controlling security systems, access control systems, fire alarms, lifts and plumbing. The security details of a building are also integrated with BMS to effectively monitor the premises. Therefore, it also tracks security automation systems, CCTV, PA systems, alarm monitors and other engineering systems employed in a building.

Benefits of BMS

There are multiple benefits of BMS. It not only ensures security and surveillance of a building, but it also controls the internal comfort of a building. Individual room control facilities can also be installed. It increases staff productivity, saves time, money and energy during maintenance.
ETCIPL’s world-class security and surveillance solutions are ideal for your home or office. Contact us to install the best Building Management Systems.