Digital door locks are reliable security solutions for homes, businesses, offices, schools and other organizations. It is an extremely safe and secure access control solution whereby keys or cards are not required to enter the premises. The doors are locked by a digital system which can be opened after offering codes, biometric credentials or smart cards. If you want to install this smart solution, get in touch with ETCIPL, one of India’s leading security and surveillance solution provider.

Types of Digital Door Locks

Generally, there are two types of digital door locks, Electronic and Mechanical. The Electronic locks are powered by an electrical connection or batteries. In case of Mechanical locks, pushbuttons are used to operate them. Depending on user preference and security requirements, digital locks can be accessed in different ways. While offices and business premises may install digital locks with an electronic keypad, biometric access may be required in corporate offices.
Specified codes can be used to unlock doors using an electronic keypad but, biometric locks rely on fingerprint, retinal or facial scans to provide access. In some places, like hotels or offices, employees and visitors may gain access through smart cards.

Where Can You Install Digital Door Locks?

Different types of doors can be used for installing digital door locks. It can be fitted to external doors, timber, wooden, aluminium, glass or UPVC doors. Suppliers offer customized solutions depending on security preferences.
ETCIPL is a reliable name in the safety and security space. Our range of high-end security solutions is used by homes, businesses, offices, schools, banks and multiple organizations. Get in touch with our experts to curate the best digital door locks.