Voice communication is a necessity for corporate organizations, offices, hotels, industries, schools or any other business vertical. In order to make communication easy and convenient, EPABX systems are used. Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX) is a convenient way of managing multiple phone lines in an organization. ETCIPL can help to resolve these issues by installing efficient EPABX and Intercom Systems.



How do EPABX and Intercom Systems Benefit Your Business

As the size of an organization increases, a single telephone connection is not sufficient. To take the load off, EPABX systems are installed. It is a robust, cutting edge digital system that keeps the in-house telephone system organized. It can benefit your business in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of them.
Offers Centralized Control: Instead of accessing multiple phones in an organization, all calls can be diverted to one number at the reception through the EPABX system.
Allows Internal Communication: The EPABX system sets up an intercom system which allows easy communication between departments. Through this system, all the calls are internally routed without being directed to an exchange.
Auto-call Option: If an attendant is unable to receive the call, an auto-attendant can be assigned to direct calls to necessary departments through the EPABX system.
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