Every organization needs to be prepared for untoward incidents such as a fire. To ensure the safety and security of the people working in an organization or a home, we need Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems. ETCIPL’s team of experts can help to install various Fire Fighting Systems and alarms within your premises.


Why Do You Need Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems?

Every year multiple deaths occur due to inefficient fire alarm systems. A fire alarm system consists of fire sensors like heat detectors and smoke detectors, placed in different parts of a building. The smoke alarm gives a loud beeping sound if it detects any kind of smoke within a confined area. It then alerts everyone within the building about an imminent danger. By the time firefighters arrive, people can run to safety and ensure the safety of life and property.
In order to aid systematic evacuation, the main alarm panel must be placed in a security room which is monitored round-the-clock.
Fire Fighting System
Apart from smoke and heat detectors, buildings also need a comprehensive Fire Fighting system. Different types of equipment like fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, fire hose reels and automatic sprinkler systems are installed in buildings. Depending on a building’s size, usage, type and age, provisions for Fire Fighting equipment are made. Automatic Fire Fighting systems are also installed to tackle fire hazards effectively.
ETCIPL is a leading surveillance and safety service provider offering innovative solutions to businesses and homes across India. We are committed to offer maximum customer satisfaction and provide high-quality products and services at the best rates. Opt for our Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems now and secure your home or office.