Gas- Suppression- System

An innovative fire-fighting system, the gas suppression system is relatively new in India. ETCIPL offers cutting-edge security and surveillance solutions to the private and public sector. Among its range of modern services, the gas suppression system features as a prominent solution for fire-fighting. Unlike the traditional method of using water to extinguish the fire, this method utilises compressed gas to stop the fire.

How does Gas Suppression System Work?

The system works on the principle of breaking the Fire Triangle. It is used for concealed areas and the rooms protected by the system need detectors at various points. As soon as a fire is detected, the fire alarms and smoke detectors are activated. They alert everyone in the vicinity to evacuate the room.
A gas such as carbon dioxide, Novac or Clean Agent is then released in the room. This reduces the oxygen supply in the room to such an extent that the fire is unable to sustain itself. Eventually, the fire is put off and it causes no harm to life or property.

Where is Gas Suppression System Necessary?

The gas suppression system is not necessary everywhere. In some places like art galleries or server rooms, where delicate material is stored, water can cause a lot of damage to property. As a result gas suppression is considered a favourable fire-fighting method for such places.
The biggest benefit of this system is that it is eco-friendly and the gases do not have any smell that makes people uncomfortable. It is also easy to maintain and occupies less space.
ETCIPL can effectively install gas suppression systems within your premises. Opt for our service and ensure the safety and security of your property. We offer on-time services and are dedicated to maximum customer satisfaction.