PA and Evac systems are installed as a part of a greater security system. Ideal for places of public gathering, it ensures the safety and security of life and property. The Public Address or PA system is used to make announcements to a large gathering and aid in evacuation processes during an emergency.


What is the PA and Evac System?

Microphones, loud speakers and amplifiers are installed as part of the PA and Evac system. It is generally used in large stadiums, auditoriums, malls, airports and railway terminals where a lot of people gather at the same time. It is also used in schools, colleges, banks, religious institutions or commercial buildings where a need for evacuation may arise due to unforeseen contingencies.
The voice evacuation (Evac) system is similar to a public address. During an emergency, voice commands stored in a voice alarm system is played to aid evacuation without panicking. As people receive a clear message, it is easier to decipher the meaning and follow orders accordingly. This helps in smooth evacuation.

Is it Beneficial?

If you are concerned about the safety and security of people in a large place, the PA and Evac system must be installed.
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