Security is a major concern for all of us. To ensure the safety and security of homes, video door phones are installed. These are intercom systems that allow home owners to communicate with visitors without opening the door. After installing this system, no one comes inside the premises without permission. ETCIPL, a leading security and surveillance service provider, can help to install video door phones in homes, offices or other places of business.



Basics Of Video Door Phones

An outdoor and indoor unit must be installed for video door phones. The outdoor unit, including a speaker, microphone and camera is generally placed beside the gate. A push-button enables calls which allow communication with people inside the home. Inside the home, a display monitor, a microphone and an ear-piece are installed. This allows people to easily talk to people waiting outside without any physical interaction.

Things to Consider Before Installing Video Door Phones

Digital video door phones are the best option. It can be easily integrated with home automation systems and a central access control network. In order to ensure durability, choose strong and sturdy material. Pick water-resistant models to ensure the longevity of the product. Make sure to protect the camera lens.
Some video door phones are also equipped with an alarm system. It is a very efficient tool for alerting homeowners about an imminent danger. Wireless video door phones have become popular owing to the convenience it offers. Besides, it is also easy to install.

ETCIPL Offers Best Service

Leave your security woes to ETCIPL. We are dedicated to offering customized security and surveillance solution to every client. If you are looking to install video door phones, get in touch with our experts to receive quotations for the service.