Advertising is a necessity of modern business. If you want to improve your business prospects, find attractive outdoor and indoor display opportunities. Commercial display video walls are the best way to attract people. Its impressive image-quality, reliability and proven ability to reach a larger audience has led to the popularity of commercial display video walls. ETCIPL can help you in this endeavour and provide its expertise to install commercial display video walls.

Benefits of Commercial Display Video Walls

Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of a place or efficiently market your brand, video walls are extremely useful. Big corporate houses often have video walls to display their range of products and services. Similarly, you might have noticed these walls in airports, shopping malls and showrooms. It is also used in command centers to instruct and inform teams.
A number of display screens are clubbed together to create a video wall. It can be used to show a whole image or multiple images can be showcased on each screen. Such screens can also be used for live transmissions. It can be installed inside the stadium or in shopping malls.

Types of Commercial Display Video Walls

There are different types of commercial display video walls. You can choose between LCD and LED walls, according to your preference. At ETCIPL, we assist clients to choose the right video walls, based on their preference. We also provide a wide range of security and surveillance solutions for homes, offices and businesses. Try our world class services and ensure maximum protection for life and property. Contact our experts for the best solutions and enjoy affordable rates for all our customized services.